Why post?

I'm in Washington, DC right now for work (interestingly enough, I am at the same conference I wrote about last year, for which I missed my first wedding anniversary).  I'm in my hotel room and feeling slightly lonely.  It has me thinking about my job and how this was never what I wanted to do.  What did I want to do, I find myself asking.  Well, that's easy.  I always wanted to write.  This got me thinking about this blog and how much I enjoy posting on it.  And finally, this got me to the point of this blog post: what is the point of a blog and why do I keep it up? Sometimes when I haven't posted in a while and am feeling pressured, I ask this question and just think "what's the point?"  Why do I keep up with something that I have to practically force people to read?  It's not as if I have some different perspective than a lot of Joe Schmoes out there blogging, which probably explains my small amount of daily hits. 

I don't exactly know the answers to these questions, but I am going to share my musing on the subject.  Obviously the first reason is what I have already stated earlier in this post.  I enjoy posting!  Perhaps this reason alone should be enough for me.  I know there are plenty of things that I do everyday that I do only because I enjoy them and never need more explanation than that.  I'm not sure why blogging is different.  But it is, so my reasons continue.

I remember back in high school our English teacher had us keep journals.  He said it was a good way of practicing our writing, getting our ideas down, and I'm pretty sure he even had more reasons than that, but I don't remember!  But even so, I figure if he thought journaling was a good exercise, than blogging must be too!

And finally, I do like to keep my family and friends updated with what is going on with my life.  Especially for those that I don't talk to very often, I like the idea that if they want to, they can check this blog for my updates or just random musings on different topics.  I also like the thought of having all these posts for my children someday, so that they have something to remember me by.  It's almost like leaving just a small mark on this world, a small legacy in some way.

So that's what I've come up with.  Are these reasons going to be enough for me to continue posting relatively often on this blog?  I guess, as I've said before, only time will tell!  Keep checking in! 

I'm going back to SNL now.