Movie Review: Baby Mama

I don't feel like writing a formal review of Baby Mama right now, but I did want to share quickly what I thought!  It was so funny!  I know this movie has created a lot of buzz, as it is one of the very few movies where the two leads are both female.  But they carried it very well.  It stars Tina Fey (former writer of Saturday Night Live; currently stars on NBC's 30 Rock) as a professional woman who has decided she wants a baby, but finds she cannot conceive; and Amy Poehler (current member of Saturday Night Live) as the surrogate mother she hires to carry her child.  The ultimate odd couple, they need to learn to work together during the pregnancy for the good of the baby, with hilarious results, and not to mention a few twists and turns along the way!  Go see it if you like SNL and want a good laugh!  Actually, you don't even need to like SNL.  You'd probably still find the movie funny.

One question I tend to ask myself when evaluating a movie I have just seen is whether my parents would like it and should I recommend it to them.  So I'm thinking that will now be a regular feature of my movie reviews.

My official stance on this movie for parents: Dads may not get it.  Moms will think it's cute.  They will both find it slightly humorous.  Probably not as much as me, however (hence the comment about liking SNL).