The Swearer

There's a guy here.  I call him "The Swearer".  He swears every time he picks something up from the color printer (which as you all know is right by my desk).  He swears every 15 minutes or so while just sitting at his computer.  He's not very creative either; it's always the same two words.  At first, I didn't mind it.  Then it started happening more and I got annoyed (does he not know I can hear him?!).  Then it began happening a lot and it started to be funny, because it's just so ridiculous (I'm sure everyone can hear him!).  Now my friend, who I chat with while at work, knows about him too.  I put a * into our conversations whenever I hear him so she knows how frequent it is.  And we get a good laugh. Maybe I'll tell you about other people who work here someday too.  I have names for all of them.  There's Crazy and The Pooper and many, many more.  We have some real weirdos here.