Hot blog posts from 2007!

My title is a bit misleading, as this is only going to be a listing of my favorite of my own blog posts of 2007, in case you missed them!  Plus, it's just another excuse for me to make a list... 1. Short story - Title pretty much sums it up, but I thought the story was sweet.  If I do say so myself!

2. Help! My Roommate's a Werewolf! - I just find this funny... 

3. My Fear List - Also, funny... is it bad that I crack myself up?

4. Squeaking, Squealing, Yelling - This just proves that once in a while in my marriage, I'm right!

5. True Beauty - About my beautiful mother...

6. Grace, A Children's Story - Still hoping to get this in book form someday.  Still working on the illustrations to go along with it... maybe someday I will actually finish.