Resolutions version 2008

As has become my tradition, I would like to officially record my resolutions for this new year. I am proud of myself for being "ahead of schedule" as compared to last year, when I didn't write this post until January 23rd. This year, I've decided to examine why my resolutions from last year did not work, and what I can amend for this year. So first, I will reiterate last year's: 1. Lose 40 pounds. If you've seen me recently, you know this did not happen. And I think it's obvious why not. I was overly ambitious and even unrealistic. I am not a teenager anymore, so every pound will be a battle. I don't have it in me to fight 40 battles over the course of one year.

2. Get up in the morning to have daily devotions. This one is almost laughable. Not only did I NOT get up in the mornings, I was not faithful in my daily devotions either. I have come to the conclusion that saying "get up early in the morning" is not something I should promise anymore.

3. Post on this blog every week. Now, while I did not do this, I actually did manage to keep this blog alive, which is more than some people I could point out. In fact, many people...

So, onto my new resolutions. Ones that I hope are more plausible and manageable.

1. Lose some weight. The way I plan to do this is by eating around 1800 calories per day and trying to get in even the littlest bit of exercise daily, as well. I also am planning on giving up chocolate for big chunks of time. Now if these goals seem ambitious all over again, I feel I should disclose I have several people working with me on these and will help me keep accountable. In that regard, I count myself very lucky.

2. Couples devotions daily. Ryan and I have been good about this already and have come up with ways of trying to make sure when get this in during the day.

3. Listening to the Bible on CD. I figure this is a great way to incorporate Bible reading into my commute. Maybe it will help my driving too??

4. Be a better mom... This one may sound odd, as I don't have any children, but I do hope to in the coming years. That said, I feel I should start preparing to be the kind of mom I want to be. I want to take care of my home, plan good dinners, try to stay healthy, cut down on the TV, read more, try to be healthy. Talk about not being ambitious, right? However, I am just hoping with motherhood on the horizon, I will really take this resolution seriously.

Look for an update to these resolutions in one month's time.