Another Purpose for a Useful Machine

"Where am I?" I thought to myself.  Something was wrong, the room was familiar and yet not.  And suddenly it came to me in a panic: I was in the men's room!  How had I come in here?  I've worked in this building for nearly three years, and yet somehow, when lost in thought, I had gone into the wrong bathroom!  And were those large, men's feet I saw in the first stall?  Spinning around, I grabbed for the door and peeked outside.  Empty.  I tried to look non-chalant as I exited the men's room and walked towards the bathroom I thought I knew so well.    After all this time, going to the ladies' room should be nearly instinctive.  Apparently not.   Now I find myself wondering, every time I'm seated on the toilet, if I'm in the right place.   I peek through the crack in the door, looking for anything that indicates where I am, but the two rooms look exactly the same!  And then I see it and know I'm in the right place.  Smiling to myself , I gaze fondly on the tampon machine.