HP Predictions, Part I

In this week preceding the final book release, I am going to be posting some of my predictions for year 7.  I have purposely kept myself away from "rumors" and "leaks" of the book, so these predictions are 100% original to me.  That is not to say that other people have not come up with them, but I thought them through myself, and have not seen them anywhere else. Before I begin with my predictions, I want to warn you.  My first prediction that I am going to share is so good, I'm 99% sure it's actually going to happen.  So if you don't want to practically KNOW what's going to happen in the book, do not continue reading!  OK, so now that you all are assured of my brilliance (or maybe my prophetic power?), I will elaborate.

I do not think that Harry will die, and here's why.  Dumbledore has left Harry with one last protection that Harry doesn't even know about.  Keep in mind the magical transfer scenario that we have seen through the books (this is a term I use to help illustrate my point).  One example is when Harry's mom died for Harry, her sacrifice runs through him, which saved his life seconds later.  But once Voldemort gets Harry's blood to bring him back to life, Harry no longer has that protection, because now they have the same blood.

In book 3, Harry saves Pettigrew's life by having mercy on him instead of allowing Lupin and Sirius to kill him, therefore allowing Pettigrew to escape.  Dumbledore points out to Harry that Pettigrew now owes him and in his debt.  Harry says he can never imagine a time when he will want to have any sort of favor from Pettigrew.  Then, in book 4, yes, Voldemort gets Harry's blood, but he also receives Pettigrews FLESH.  The flesh that is only alive because of Harry's mercy.  Voldemort doesn't know that his faithful servant is in the debt of Harry Potter.  Pettigrew probably doesn't even realize it, but Dumbledore does.  Remember when he has a look of "triumph" when Harry is relating the events at the graveyard in book 4?  That always puzzled me, but I think it relates to this.  He saw the "magical transfer" that went from Harry's mom's blood sacrifice into Voldemort, so he must have realized that there would be another magical transfer: the debt that Pettigrew owes to Harry, Voldemort owes it now too.

So, all this to say that I think that Harry will live.  I think that once again he'll be face to face with Voldemort, having destroyed the other horcruxes.  Once again Voldemort will use the adavra kadvra curse, and once again it will reflect off Harry and onto him.  Only this time he will die because there are no more horcruxes.  I think JKR might let us believe Harry to be dead a couple chapters, but he won't be.