HP Predictions, Part II

These are just some other random thoughts, because I probably won't have time between now and tomorrow night to get all this down into specific theories. Why all the phoenix imagery around Dumbledore? Like when his tomb bursting into flames? Does that mean he's coming back to life?  I doubt it because he always made a point to say that Voldemort's greatest flaw was that he didn't realize that there are things that are worse than death and it's not a horrible thing to be mortal.  My general thoughts on this: We will see Dumbledore coming back to life through Harry.  In other words, Harry will become the only wizard that Voldemort ever feared, etc.  This is how Dumbledore will "rise from his ashes".

Why did D. finally gave Snape the defense against the dark arts job if he knew it was jinxed?  Perhaps, JKR simply overlooked this, or maybe it was a clue.  Did Dumbledore suspect Snape had gone bad and wanted him out?  Or did he know that things were drawing to a close?  And along those same lines, why did Snape want the job in the first place?  He must have known it was jinxed.

I kinda feel like Snape must be good, and Dumbledore had asked him to kill him to keep his unbreakable vow, if that's what it came down to.  (Remember the fight that was overheard between Dumbledore and Snape?)  I'm also thinking Draco might come around as well.  Often in the books we hear things like "once you are on the dark side, no one else matters to you." Well, Draco was trying to kill Dumbledore because Voldemort threatened to kill his parents.  Obviously he still has love in his heart.

My last thought is about Voldemort's end.  If my prediction in part I does not come true (and that's a big IF), I think that Voldemort will somehow have his soul sucked out by a dementor.  Remember that his greatest weakness is that he never realized there are things worse than death.  We are also told many times that living without a soul, due to a dementor's kiss, is worse than death.  Coincidence?