Crazy has kids

Since my work often does not require my mind, sometimes I let it wander off wherever it wants to go.  Well today it got me thinking about sperm banks.  This is not as random as it sounds.  I just recently learned that a co-worker had visited such a place and now had two sweet little girls as a result.  The mom, however, is better known as "Crazy" around the office.  So today, while I was mindlessly working and hearing her screaming, I started wondering about these banks.  I mean, is there any kind of screening process?  Can any crazy woman go in there and request a withdrawl and hence receive one?  These women are going to be mothers, so shouldn't they have to pass some sort of physical and psychological exam?  What about a criminal record?  Shouldn't all of these factors be checked beforehand?  For all I know, they are, but I got to thinking this would make an interesting undercover investigative story.  So for any would-be reporters out there, feel free to use this idea and find out for me how easy it is to get a baby this way.  And to my family: this is not a hint of anything that is going on in my life, so get that out of your head right now!  I just want to know how Crazy managed to get some kids!