Things I'm excited about this summer

So, news flash!  It's summer!  OK, I realize I'm a little late in realizing this, but better late than never, right?  And, because summer is my least favorite season, instead of listing my least favorite things about it, I've decided to be positive and list the best things about it.

  1. I love how it stays light later.  This is a new one for me, since I used to prefer earlier nights, but since I have to drive home on very narrow and winding roads, I prefer the daylight.
  2. Vacation!  We have a big family vacation planned in August and I can't wait!  Plus, anytime I get time off work is good for me.
  3. This weekend I get to see my bestest friend and she's getting married!  I'm so happy for her!
  4. HARRY POTTER!!!  (Come on, you knew this was coming!)  This is a big season for Harry!  A movie and a book!  And not just any book, it is THE book! (More on this later...)
  5. Visiting friends in DC over the weekend.  Fun!

That's all I can think of... my mind kept wandering to the humidity and heat, the thought of wearing shorts and bathing suits, the heat, excessive sweating...  oh right, I wasn't going to make that list!