Kid stories

Oh wait, I don't have kids.  But what do I do when everyone I know starts talking about their children?  I start talking about my dog.  Really, he's almost human, so people shouldn't be offended.  In fact, he communicates to me and understands me better than Ryan sometimes!  (Determine for yourself what that says about me and/or Ryan...) So yesterday I woke up to Ryan saying goodbye to me, as he has to leave for work before I even have to get up.  I gave him a kiss, a smile, and (only if he's lucky) a wave from bed and turned over to cuddle with my sweet little boy.  But he would have none of it.  Seeing that daddy had already left for work, he felt that it was time for mommy to get up too.  So, hopping like a rabbit around the bed, he began to bark.  And believe me, his high pitched yelp is hard to ignore (sorry people upstairs!).  But to Hugo, barking doesn't mean "I have to go outside and do my business" or "I hear noises outside and it could be an intruder so I want to scare them away", it means "Play with me or I won't stop until your ears hurt from my screeching!"  And he means it.  So I found the chewy we keep on the bed and hurled it out the door into the living room.  He leaped from the bed, bounded on the chewy, and brought it immediately back.  I was already asleep, and he knew it.  So the barking began again.  Finally I just got up. 

A new thing he's doing is grabbing the tag on his collar.  He knows he's not allowed to do this, so I'm realizing it's completely out of spite.  He knows if he's doing something bad, he'll get more attention!  And he craves attention!  He stands just out of arm's reach, looking at you, daring you to try to get him to drop it.  But as soon as I reach out to grab it, he hops away (is he part bunny?).  So I have to chase him in order to get him to drop the piece of metal in his mouth, the toy that is always just right around his neck.  He is such a brat!  But it just makes him more endearing.  That little face, the daredevil expression, the catch me if you can attitude.  No wonder he is so bad!  Mommy and daddy are suckers. 



At least he doesn't eat his own poop anymore.