True Beauty

She is sweet; she is charming; she’s delicate and tough. She truly cares for people, and yet can have a sense of humor about them.

People don’t know it by her smile and her laugh, but she can be hurt, and hurt deeply.

She is the perfect paradox of sensitivity and humor.

She makes me laugh, and yet always humbles me with her wisdom.

She pours herself out for people, always giving.  Sometimes she forgets to take care of herself too.

She is beautiful, in every aspect of the word.

Her creativity is astounding, she can take almost nothing and turn it into beauty.

Her eye for color, design, and fashion are breathtaking, but still can’t compare to the loveliness within.

She is everything I want to be.

And the sad thing is, she may not even realize this is about her, because sometimes she just can’t see what everyone else can.