List of the Day (LotD): A list of all the fun stuff I can do in my free time that I could not do with kids around

I have officially moved from being a mom-of-young-kids to a mom-with-kids-in-school. This has brought out many feelings, as anyone who has made the transition will know. I have already written (but not yet posted) a super sappy and melodramatic post on the sad end of these feelings. But today, my first day of being at home with no kids, I want to write something happy.

And what makes me happy?


And what’s the best kind of list?

A LIST of THINGS that make me HAPPY.

Or more specifically: A list of all the fun stuff I can do in my free time that I could not do with kids around.

Reading on the deck


Reading in my bed

Reading at any location!

Writing on the deck (this is so meta because that’s actually what I’m doing right now, see pic for proof)

Watching non-animated TV

Sitting quietly and just thinking

Taking a long bath (this is hypothetical because our tiny tubs are not comfortable!) 

Listening to LOUD music and singing my heart out (sometimes I do this with kids around and they tell me to be quiet)

Practicing the piano

Longer, uninterrupted prayer times

Exercising (OK, I don’t really WANT to do this, but I’ve used the excuse of kids for so long that now I feel like I HAVE to)(or come up with a new excuse, the stifling heat maybe?)

I think I will make this an ongoing list. So when I find new and amazing things I can do without kids in tow, I will add to it. Like GROCERY SHOPPING and GOING TO THE CHIROPRACTOR!! Yay!