List of the Day (LotD): Summer Fun!


My summer fun list is nothing new or extraordinary. It’s not too adventurous and won’t keep us too busy. We just like to spend a few minutes brainstorming a few things we’d really like to do (trips, a few places to visit) and then scatter those in with some other lazy summer activities!  You’ll notice most of these are pretty low-key, with a few places to visit that are not huge tourist attractions (we don’t like crowds!). 


1. Hiking

2. Silverman’s Farm

3. Model rocket

4. Overnight @ Mimi’s

5. Date Night

6. Dinner at the Beach

7. Beach days

8. Pool days

9. Backyard pool

10. BBQs

11. Road trips

12. VBS

13. Unplugged day

14. Random acts of kindness

15. Make popsicles

16. Wash car

17. Zoo

18. Sidewalk chalk

19. Build a fort

20. Fire pit/s’mores

21. Fireworks

22. Bike rides

23. Glow bubbles

24. Fly a kite

25. Grace Farms

26. Farmer’s Market

27. Plant a garden

28. Lemonade stand

29. Catch fireflies

30. Go to a carnival

31. Birthday party for Hugo (our dog) 

32. Botanical gardens

33. Brooklyn Bridge park


What’s missing from this list? After viewing this list for the first time, a friend said, “Why isn’t making lists on the list?” I think that’s an excellent point, because as we all know... lists are fun!!