Balancing Mary and Martha

My life since college has been Martha. I take pride in how my house looks for guests and the nice meals that I serve them. I like to put special touches on everything I do to let the houseguest know they are important to me. I prepare ahead of time, and much of the time they are here, to make sure they have a pleasant stay. If I had a sister like Mary, I think I would feel resentful of her, thinking "Doesn't she think I want to just sit around with our guest, too? But someone has to put the meal on the table!" (If you're unfamiliar to the story to which I refer, read it here.) Now suddenly have this amazing little person in my life (Pardon the comparison to Jesus, I certainly don't mean to be blasphemous!), who needs nearly constant attention. She changes every day by developing new skills, continually enthralling me. I love to sit with her and watch what new thing she can do. I take pictures like crazy so I never forget what it feels like in that particular moment. I just want to be Mary and the Martha in me gets thrown out the window.

Unfortunately, along with the Martha in me, a clean house, clean clothes, healthy, home-cooked meals all get thrown out the window as well. A part of me says, "Well, it's OK because a baby does need nearly constant care!" It's good to spend so much time with her, investing in our relationship and in her life. But then I have to remind myself that it's also OK to let her have some alone play time in her jumper, her playpen, or watching a little Baby Einstein!

So now my life is a balancing act between Mary and Martha, and I haven't quite mastered it. (And sometimes I want to be neither and just flounce in front of the TV and rest! And that's OK, too.) But I will continue to try.