Scariest Moments

With Halloween fast approaching, and today being a dreary, maybe even spooky, day, I have been remembering those times in my life when I've been so "eeeek" scared. (I say "eeeek" scared because, as we all know, there's different kinds of scared, just like there's different types of fears. There's the "what's that weird looking mole on my leg?" type of scared, and then there's the "eeeek" kind of scared.) It doesn't happen often, because I don't like to watch scary movies, and thankfully, that kind of scared doesn't happen very often in real life! So here are the few moments that come to mind. Years ago, when I was babysitting in a home with a large picture window facing the woods, I received a phone call while the little girl was watching TV. "I can see you," a deep voice said. "I'm watching you." I hung up immediately and calmly called the child to come to me and get away from the window, but inside I was frantic! Was someone really out that window watching us? Would they try to get in? I called my parents immediately and before I could tell them what happened, they told me a friend of mine had just called and they gave had given him my phone number there.  So we figured out it was just the friend playing a "joke". And what a horrible joke it was! Obviously, it scared me to death!

Once, when we were in India, we were staying in a "guest house", which was a main floor apartment. It wasn't completely decorated, but there were enough furnishings to get by on for a little while. The curtains were very simple, but there was still a lot of space around the edges that you could see out (and in). One night, Ryan and I were drifting to sleep, and I glanced towards the window, and there was a dark shape outside. When my eyes were finally able to focus, I realized it was a man staring in at us! I shouted out, and must have scared the man away, because he left before Ryan had a chance to see him. But from that moment on, we draped sheets over the edges of the curtains while we were staying there!

So that's two "eeeek" scary moments. There are a couple more, and I might share them, I might not. For now, I'm curious about your scary moments! What better time to relive them than on a cloudy, dreary, October day?