Books Read in 2010

As has become my tradition at the end of each year, here is my list of books read in 2010 (in chronological order).  I did not finish nearly as many as I would have liked, but I comfort myself in the knowledge that most adults average about two books per year (don't remember where that statistic is from, but I like it and  it makes me feel good about myself, so it must be true).  Also, some of these books were quite long and/or boring, so that makes the list all the more impressive!

  1. The Hawk and the Jewel - a fun "Christian spice" book by Lori Wick.  ("Christian spice" is a term I've adopted from a friend for a Christian romance novel.)
  2. Desert Rose - another "Christian spice", but this one was by Linda Chaikin.  She is one of my favorite Christian authors, because there is always a good mystery and a lot of adventure.  Usually the stories are set at some point in history, as well, so I feel like I'm learning a lot at the same time.
  3. A Clockwork Orange - a dystopia by Anthony Burgess that I only read because it was on my Summer Reading list.  I found it very disturbing and I'm not sure what I gained from it besides being able to cross it off my list and now understand references made to it.
  4. The Briton - another "Christian spice", this one by Catherine Palmer.  Normally, I would not read so many clumped together, but I remember feeling the need to read something uplifting after my previous one.
  5. The Shadow of your Smile - thriller by Mary Higgins Clark.  It was a good story, but I remember thinking it wasn't one of her greatest.
  6. There Goes the Bride - cute Agatha Raisin mystery by M.C. Beaton.
  7. Glory, Glory - romance novel by Linda Lael Miller.  Weirdly I did not even rank this one, so I can't even tell you if I enjoyed it or not!  But my recollection at this point is that I need to just stick to my "Christian spice".
  8. Freefall - I classified this novel by Kristen Heitzmann as "Christian fiction/adventure", so I'm not sure if that includes "spice" or not.  But I gave it an 8.5/10, so I obviously enjoyed it either way!
  9. Reaching for the Invisible God - excellent book by Philip Yancey.  I could probably read his books over and over again and always gain new insight.  I also referenced this book in a post.
  10. Unafraid (Mary) - historical fiction novel by Francine Rivers about the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  This book is part of a series of women in the Bible and they are all amazing.
  11. The Awakening - Christian novel by Angela Hunt.  This book was very different, but sweet once you realize what is going on.  It was the first Angela Hunt I'd read and I'd probably have to read one more to decide how I feel about her writing.
  12. A Stranger is Watching - another thriller by Mary Higgins Clark.  I have zero recollection of this one, so I could probably pick it up again in a couple years and never know I had read it before.  Thankfully, I keep this list!
  13. The Eye of the World - the first of the epic Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  I was completely hooked after reading this one.  The books average around 800 pages each, so they are no small task to finish!
  14. The Divine Mentor - a book we read in our church's small group by Wayne Cordeiro.  I appreciated its message, but felt like it used way too many words to get it across (ie, probably could have been in pamphlet form instead).
  15. Breastfeeding Made Simple - an excellent and informative guide on breastfeeding by Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-tackett.  I really enjoyed this book, actually, and would recommend it to anyone who is planning on nursing.
  16. Madame Bovary - not sure why I decided to read this modern classic by Gustave Flaubert, except that it was on my bookshelf and unread.  I found it very sad, but I suppose that's what he was going for, in a sense.
  17. The Great Hunt - book two in the Wheel of Time series.  Made me so excited to start book three!
  18. Your Pregnancy & Birth - this book comes with an * because I did not read the section on complications.  I worry enough, so I figured it was for the best.
  19. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief - this is a book for young adults by Rick Riordan, but that doesn't mean I enjoyed it any less.  It was an easy and entertaining read.
  20. A Merry Little Christmas: Unto Us a Child... / Christmas, Don't Be Late - two novellas in one book.  Cute Christmas stories, but they felt a little rushed in the novella form.
  21. Pride and Prejudice - I only read this classic by Jane Austen because it's on my Summer Reading list, but I am so glad I did!  I love the BBC mini-series, which was almost word for word the book, but the book explained so many of the emotions behind the meaningful looks in the movie.  It was incredibly sweet and romantic.

As always, if you have any questions regarding my list or would like further information about specific book, please feel free to email me or check out my “books I’ve read” spreadsheet for every book I’ve read since the summer of 2002 (when I first started it).