Hot Blog Posts of 2010!

Unfortunately, there aren't that many.  Whereas last year, I had to double my usual list of five or six in order to fit in all my favorite posts, this year I couldn't even make that minimum.  Granted, I was not living overseas at all this year, and I was desperately sick for two months, but in looking back, I feel like I just "phoned it in" with some posts, in order to keep up with my monthly post resolution. So, here they are.  These four posts are the ones I felt most worth re-sharing from this past year:

My Niche - Big surprise... it's "chocolate"!

A Bit of Cheating - My successful* resolution to post every month has an asterisk because of this post.

Wishing I Had More Memories - Some thoughts about my grandmother's legacy, and my own.

What's in a name? - Explaining our daughter's name.