Twitter is beating up my blog.

If you actually visit my blog (as opposed to reading it through your reader), you will know that I have started tweeting.  And because of it, my blog has suffered. I really didn't think it would make a difference.  But then I read an article (unfortunately, I cannot find it to link), the gist of which was that Twitter has made short, quick blog posts a thing of the past.  I used to take a small idea, flesh it out a bit, and turn it into a whole blog post!  But now I don't even have to put in all that work to get my idea out there.

For example, one of my Twitter posts yesterday was, "Pet peeve: someone correcting grammar in a library book...when it's in dialog!! Dialog doesn't have to be grammatically correct!!!"  I could have turned this into a whole post about pet peeves or grammar or writing good dialog (which, I flatter myself, I do well).  I probably could have even turned it into a series of posts on pet peeves or grammar or writing good dialog!  For that matter, it could have become a new "Chocolate flavor" on pet peeves, or grammar, or writing good dialog.

But no, the lazy side of me enjoys Twitter for its simplicity and 140 character limit.  And so soon after my 3-year bloggiversary (I don't think I coined that word), my blog suffers.  I am committed to post here at least once a month, but for a while, I was posting several times a week!  I'm afraid those days are gone.  Perhaps they will resurface when I am back in a routine, but for now, look for me on Twitter.  Or even just watch this blog for Twitter updates to the right.