Goodbye, Hyderabad

Today is my last day in Hyderabad, India.  And while I am so excited to enter the next stage of my life back in the States, I will certainly miss some things about living here.  So I want to take some time right now and remember some of my favorite things (a la The Sound of Music).

  • having my own bathroom (even though Ryan tried to poach it near the end)
  • bottled water delivered straight to our door for $2/50 liters.
  • days at the spa (for cheap!)
  • a wide variety of wonderful restaurants (for cheap!)
  • living here was something that made me interesting (am I revealing my inner insecurities?)
  • furniture made just how you like it (for relatively cheap!)
  • meeting people from all over the world
  • learning some Hindi (I hope I can continue learning!)
  • feeling like a celebrity (being stared at, people wanting my picture)
  • our beautiful, beautiful apartment (something I already miss, as we are staying in a hotel now)
  • our sweet driver (pic below with Ryan)

Ryan and Laxman

Of course, there are things I won't miss.  But I prefer to remember the positives (in print, at least!).   So goodbye, Hyderabad!  It has been an amazing experience living here.  I will always hold the city close to my heart.