Culture Shock, episode 4

I am still not used to the power outages here. In the beginning, they were few and far between and only lasted several seconds to a minute. But as the weather has gotten hotter and hotter, the power has been going out more and more. For a while it was predictable; it went out at 12pm and would come back around 1:15 or so. Then it started going out at 11am and lasting until around 12:30pm. These times were quite inconvenient as it was right when I would be making lunch for Ryan and I before he headed out to work. However, at least they were predictable, as I said. Now the power has stopped going out around lunch time, but it goes off for several hours interspersed throughout the day. This is more difficult because you never know when it is coming. Several of the newer apartment buildings will have full back-up power, but ours does not. We knew that going in, but if you will recall, I fell in love with this place the moment I saw it and would not be dissuaded. The power seems to be connected with the heat and lessening of the water supply. We moved here right in the middle of monsoon season (July through September), and apparently that was the reason the power outages were so few at that point.  I do not have any source to back up this claim, however.  It's more  of my own observation.

I am currently writing this post in the midst of a power outage (we have a UPS-Unlimited Power Supply, basically a battery-for my computer) because I was at a loss as to what else to do. I had been working through my Google Reader, but without power, we also lose internet. So I worked on the dishes, straightened up the place, read a little, and began to feel frustrated and hot (no a/c!). Hence the post.