The Charminar is the thing to see when visiting Hyderabad.  We've taken all our guests so far and enjoyed it for many reasons.  Not only is it an interesting building, but it offers a great view of the city and some fun shopping!   Since the majority of you are not visiting us (anyone's welcome! OK, not you strangers, but friends are totally welcome), here are a few videos that will give you a virtual tour of the area, instead.

[vimeo 4114627] This video is taken from inside our car as we approach the Charminar.  It's long and a little bumpy, but it gives you an idea of what this area of the city is like.  And it's in HD (sorry for the long load times, or maybe that's just here, with the slowest internet ever)!

[vimeo 4115427] This is looking down from the top of Charminar (you can climb some very high and uneven stairs, located in the minarets to get to the top, where there are no rails to keep you from going over!).   

[vimeo 4115615] Another view from the top.  This one includes a picture of me and Mecca Masjid when the camera spans right.

[vimeo 4115742] And finally, yet another view from the top, but this one is of Laad Bazaar, where you can find bangles, cheap (but very nice) fabrics, bangles, pearls, and more bangles.