Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and because of that, I want to copy a letter that was written to me 27 years ago, on the night that I was born.  It's just so sweet and is more of a testament to my amazing family than anything.   It is dated and postmarked January 14, 1982.


Dearest Amy Elizabeth,

How we love you and we haven't even met you yet!  Your dad's call of one half hour ago made us very happy - so happy I couldn't sleep so decided to write you your first letter.  But I should introduce the "we" I spoke about.  I'm your grandfather and have been itching for your coming for months - even years.  Your grandmother with whom I live was also excited.  While your dad described in some detail ofyour arrival, grandma went to the bathroom, went back to bed and started to burp - you will do this to... but after you eat - not in the middle of the night as grandma does.  Gross, eh?  But before you judge her to harshly, I should tell you what she was doing while you were coming.  She was praying for you and your mother.  I wish I had been praying, but instead I was reading my Shopsmith magazine at 12:05 AM.  Thanks for coming!

I know you haven't had time to look around much, so let me tell you about a few people you will get to know.  The most important person in your life - at least for now - is your mother.  She's the one who will hold you close and talk the tenderest to you even though you caused great pain when you were born.  When you are able ot focus your eyes you will discover she is a beautiful mama.  But all babies think their mothers are beautiful.  Even though new mothers don't always have their hair fixed and don't have make-up they are beautiful in their own special way.  But your mother is especially beautiful.  Lots of people think she is beautiful.  But more important - she is a beautiful person - probably due to her heritage.  Which leads me to another great lady, your maternal grandmother (your mother's mother).  She talks a lot, but she won't tell you what makes her great.  I'll tell you one thing and you can ask your mother to fill you in on dozens of reasons why she is a real standout.  She is so unselfish!  For years, she gave up her home one night a week to people who needed help of a friendly family....  You will also get to know another grandfather, your mother's father.  you will get to know him through the stories your mother and dad will tell you.  He was more than a husband to your grandmother, he was a real partner in his selflessness and leadership in that family that gave your mother such an outstanding heritage.  Grandma Dorothy will help your mother when you come home from the hospital.  She will hold you, sing to you, walk with you, clean, cook, and she will think she's having fun -- just because of you.  I can't explain it, but I know it's true.  It's something like the relationship I had with your dad, Uncle Checker and Aunt Laurie.  They were in my way a lot, but somehow I loved it.  Some time when I'm holding you, I'll tell you about some of those times.  I only exaggerate slightly - it's called artists' license.  You have a lot more aunts and uncles who you'll want to know about, but I never write a letter this long because of arthritis in my hand.  But I just had to tell you about heritage.  Your dad is a special guy, too.  He's so ambitious, you will have to keep your feminine "wiles" working to extract some of this time - but do it and don't let him postpone that time you spend together.  I did some, but now I wish I had done much more.  That's part of getting your proper heritage, but "wiles" comes in the genes - and having a mother like yours, you will have an extraordinary supply of feminitiy and "wiles"!

You will hear a wide variety of descriptions as to the kind of world you are coming into.  Some will describe the world and their own families as utter chaos and devastation and I could fill this page with philosophy on looking on the bright side of things, but all that can be summarized in a book written for all those who want the best life and death has to offer.  Here are a few excerpts:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (Get to know him.)

"But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst."  Jesus also said, "He that cometh to me shall never hunger..."

And when you hear bad things, know that He is in control.  He said, "Let not your heart be troubled..."

He said that came so that we could have an abundant life.  If I remember correctly, He didn't say except in the last days when things are tough.  It's hard to believe that you, Amy, will be tempted, but you will be.  Listen to this then: "God is faithful who whill not suffer you to be tempted alove that ye are able."  Isn't that good!

God says a lot about Peace which you will want to learn especially in the tough times (to be peaceful).  

Grandma and I thank God for you!!