Hot Blog Posts of 2008!

As has become my tradition at the end of the year, it is time for some shameless self-promotion! So here is my list of my favorite blog posts of 2008:

  1. I’m an adult and can do as I want! (Not really) - yay for a home leave this February so I can pick up some of these babies!
  2. Worry Wart - ahhh...  sweet childhood memories
  3. Why post? - this is still a good reminder for me when I ask myself why I bother.
  4. My life in India? - it's funny to see how this is playing out and how my goals have changed.  I'm still working on most of these things (or still plan to!), but I've added a few as well: studying for the GRE, learning Hindi, and relearning Spanish.
  5. And my favorite posts on actually being in India: The Sum of all ImpressionsCulture Shock, episode 1, and Fear and Safety.