Culture Shock, episode 2

I knew in moving so far away from home, friends, and family, that there would be a lot of things and people that I would miss.  I miss beautiful lawns and trees; I miss my family; I miss jumping into a car and driving myself around.  But there is one thing I never thought I would miss as much as I do now.  One place that I rarely went to and groaned inwardly every time my dad would want to take me there:  Home Depot.  Yes, Home Depot, the one stop shop for everything "home".  Oh, how I dream of Home Depot!  And today, I learned that Ryan dreams of it, too. We were discussing our list of items that we feel we still need in order to get settled: power adapter power converter(s) shower head(s) some plants grass seed or sod some lamps light bulbs a drill & other small tools

And Ryan blurts out, "If only there was a Home Depot around here; we could get everything we still need in one place!"

"The funny thing is," he continued, "we probably only went to Home Depot once or twice in all the time we we have been married."

"But that's the beauty of Home Depot," I responded gleefully.  "You only have to go once or twice and you can get everything you need!"

Today we were out in the hopes of crossing one or two items off the list.  We've learned if we can cross off one thing we set out to do in a day, it's a productive day.  This, however, was not a productive day.  Many of the stores were closed (it is a holiday, after all) so we came home with our hands empty (and in a stolen car, but that's a story for another day!).

So now, as I sit here without plants or lights (OK, we have some lights), I am yearning for the days of driving with my dad, and him always seeming to veer somehow towards Home Depot.