On the bright side...

If my recent posts have given the impression that our move has been a negative experience, please let me assure you that it is not true!  Yes, I am still homesick and adjusting to life here, but more than anything, in my posts, I want to just point out the differences (and sometimes similarities) between life here and the life that I'm used to.  However, I think I will take this opportunity to start pointing out the things I like about living here so far.

  1. the food!  This has to be Numero Uno on the list because the food here is amazing.  And not just the Indian food.  Because we are living in a city, there is a lot of variety.
  2. deliveries!  Going along with number one, we have found that many restaurants here deliver.  This is exciting for me because, since Ryan works nights, I'm on my own for dinner.  Being able to order from some of our favorite restaurants is something I can look forward to in the evenings.
  3. people do seem to want to be helpful...  It's funny because even if they don't know the answer, they won't say so!
  4. our apartment.  It really is a lovely place, and I can't wait until we get the rest of our furniture to decorate it!
  5. the spa prices!  Back home, I never went to spas because of the ridiculously high prices!  But here, an hour massage is $30-$40, and that's at a really, really nice place.  I figure I could do that on a monthly basis!
  6. the church we've been attending.  It is amazing to me that we can be on the other side of the world, and still find a church that believes what we believe, sings the songs that we are familiar with, and has a service format almost exactly like our church back home!  Plus, seeing people from so many different countries together and worshiping God is an amazing experience in and of itself.

I think it would be a good idea for me to continue updating this list, so I'll let you know when I add to it as the months go on.