I am a Google fan.  A Googler?  A Googlite?  A Google-head?  Not sure if there's a word for us yet, but I'm sure there will be at some point.  My favorites of their applications include Google Docs (which includes an online word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software), Google Groups, and obviously Gmail.  I enjoy reading the Google blogs to see what all they are coming up with, and have even submitted in an idea myself!* 


But recently, they have introduced Google Sites, and I have found a new toy.  I immediately snagged a couple (ok, 5) names that I thought I might, someday, maybe, have a need for.  Yes, it is true that I sometimes have trouble coming up for enough content for one site (that would be this one), so you may wonder how I plan to fill 5.  Well, I don't.  They are for possible future use, and just for me to have fun with right now.  For any of you interested in your own website, I'd get going on this right away!  Snag your site's name before it's taken!  And, if interested, feel free to peruse one of mine so far.  They are a work in progress, and a highly entertaining diversion (am I turning into my husband?). 


Need Chocolate Here


*My idea was for a Google family tree application: something that could be integrated with Gmail, where the tree was emailed around to other family members, and filled out so that it became fuller and fuller.  It could even gather contact information, so you are always in touch.  Also, for larger families, it would help explain how you were related to certain people, perhaps by dragging your mouse across different names.  I really do have a vision for this.  Honestly, they should just hire me.