Chapter 2

Does anyone else remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? Well, that’s what I’ve decided to mimic here. This is the second chapter of a serialized story, and you will help me with the plot. Just leave your comments about anything (what you want to happen next, who the characters will be, etc.) and I will pick one to work into the story. If you haven't yet, make sure to read Chapter 1 before continuing.  

When she awoke, she was on something so soft that she didn't want to open her eyes and get up.  She was enveloped in comfort and so at ease.  But suddenly it all came back as she realized her eyes were already open.  It was just dark, so dark, and lonely.  She reached out, feeling around for him, but instead she felt the edge of the bed, then the hard, dark, and cool floor of the cave.  Then she remembered the falling, and him, and how he had slumped over, how he had died.  The weeping did not begin as she had expected it to; she was too numb. 


Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder, and she impulsively jabbed her elbow backwards, into her attacker's stomach.  She felt him double over and knew he was not expecting her to have any strength left in her.  She must fight, because he would kill her anyway.  Before the man could reach for her again, she had stumbled off the bed and crawled across the floor of the cave.  In the short time she had been aware but not able to see, her other senses had awoken and she heard the slightest trickle of water.  This could mean one of two things: either it was raining out and the area could soon be flooded, or there was a small stream somewhere relatively close, that she could follow and possibly find a way out.  She prayed for the latter, gathered all her strength, and stood, ready to feel her way towards the sound.




The whispered name made her freeze in terror.  "Chloe, don't run from me.  I will find you."  He was still whispering, but he could have been screaming for the way it made her heart race.  "Chloe, don't you know me?  You loved me once, come to me, my clover."  The whispered words, the pet name... her terror rose as she recognized her attacker.  "Aha.  I see you know me now.  I see that you remember our last visit together.  Come back, help me.  Let's work together."


She felt her strength melt away.  The fear was too much, the memories clouded her mind, and she could no longer hear the water.


"Chloe.  Did you know I've always loved your name?" he had whispered in her ear.  She could not believe he was this close, as she lay there, pouring out her heart.  "I thought of you today after I had mowed my lawn and found this four-leafed clover in my hair.  What good luck! I thought.  I must take some chances today because luck is on my side.  And now, here I am with you.  What could be luckier than that?"


She had stared at him in disbelief.  What was he saying?  Why was he still so close, even after she had jumped up and moved away? 


"You know he doesn't deserve you, this boy you talk about.  He doesn't realize what a gem you are.  Hahaha," his laugh had sounded maniacal.  "Gem," he had repeated.


She had known it was time to go, to get away from him.  Looking into his eyes, she had realized he was mad.  He was looking at her with desire, but she knew it was not for her body.  She had made a move towards the door, but he had grabbed her arm, and forced her to the floor.  With her arm pinned behind her back and she on her stomach, she struggled against him, but he was on top of her, grabbing for her other arm to tie them up. 


"First them.  Then him.  Then it.  Do you understand me, my clover?" he had whispered in her ear. 


No, not them, please not them, she had thought.  But then she had known no more. 


Now she felt her wrists and realized why they were so sore and swollen.  She wondered in terror if he had gotten to her parents, too, since he had already killed him.  And now, he was after it, and she alone held the key.