Be Careful...

I wish I could be reminded of my mortality without having to lose something precious. I wish I would cry more at the ends of books and less during corny TV shows.

I wish I lived in a castle and had long enough hair for my prince to admire it, even from my tower window.

I wish I had magical powers and everything I touched would succeed.

I wish I were tall and lean with a wonderful fashion sense.

I wish I hadn’t taken youth for granted when I was young.

I wish I was uninhibited and felt free to explore my wildest dreams.

I wish I was a Broadway singer, with a voice that reached to the rafters.

I wish I could dance freely and not wonder what people were thinking.

I wish I were a fairy princess, with evil stepsisters but a kind heart and my loyal subjects loved me as their queen.

I wish I were a better wife, friend, daughter, and Christian.

I wish I were more like my mom and grandmother.

I wish, when I looked out my window from a soft window seat, that there would be soft rolling green hills as far as my eyes could see.

I wish I were a writer.

I wish my favorite food was broccoli and its all I ever wanted to eat.

I wish Cadbury Cream Eggs were a magical potion that made you lose weight in all the right places.

I wish I was brave enough to star in my own adventure.

I wish my fears wouldn’t overtake me.

I wish I was disciplined enough to achieve my goals.

I wish I knew how to be content and “content” wasn’t such a boring word.

I wish my husband acted just like he does in my head.

I wish my imagination wouldn’t lead me to discontentment or disquiet, but would only come out when I call, with something absolutely brilliant.

I wish I were somewhat good at a lot of things.

I wish I were really good at one thing.

I wish I didn’t have to work, but never got bored.

I wish I could travel mystical isles, attempting dangerous deeds and exhilarating quests, while saving my money to buy beautiful robes and a horse to be my friend and carry me on my journey.

...what you wish for.