Sometimes I wonder if my baby can hear me when I pray.  I always whisper my prayers because it makes me feel more like I’m having a conversation with God.  Also, I find that my mind wanders a lot less when I pray out loud. So today after I said, “Amen”, I wondered if the baby had heard all that.  And then I wondered if maybe the baby knew who I was talking to, because in its extreme innocence, maybe the only clarity is about its Creator.  The Bible does talk about having faith like little children, because we are more accepting at that age and grow more and more cynical as we grow up.  Maybe babies in the womb are the most accepting because they have actually met their Creator.  In one of the books I’m reading, it mentions that no one still knows how the cells know how and where to divide to become a baby.  But I know: it’s a miracle from God; He is directing their creation and giving them life.  And maybe my baby knows that, too.

It probably all sounds ridiculous.  But being a Christian and having a baby growing inside me has made me more and more in awe of my God.