First Ultrasound

Tomorrow is my first ultrasound and I’m surprisingly nervous!  It never occurred to me how nervous I’d be about everything during pregnancy, but I am.  So today I searched “nervous about first…” in Google and to my surprise and delight “nervous about first ultrasound”, “nervous about first prenatal visit”, and “nervous about first prenatal appointment” were among top things searched!  I immediately felt better because that showed me that I certainly wasn’t alone.  And how true that was!  I read several forums and it turns out that it’s very common to be nervous about ultrasound appointments.  I guess the thought of finding out that something is wrong is the cause of it. My nausea has also started in the last couple days.  I’m more and more impressed with woman who have horrible nausea and have to work full-time.  But anyway, I was actually happy that I have another symptom because it makes me feel like things are progressing normally.  Plus, I have told myself that I do not want to complain about anything with regards to being pregnant, because I’m just so happy that I am!

I got two pieces of encouragement with regards to the nausea: my aunt says, “I’m glad to hear you’re feeling sick.  Not glad for YOU.  I remember that and it was not at all fun.  But it really is true that it means the baby’s hormones are kicking in and that makes me happy.”  I also got a text from a friend that said, “I’m sorry! But the good news is that if you have nausea, it lowers the chance of a miscarriage.”

So I guess this post is about being encouraged and finding encouragement in expected and unexpected places.  And that’s sorta why I’m writing this blog.  I wish my mother could remember more of her pregnancy experiences, so I thought maybe if I have a daughter, she can read my experiences someday and be encouraged.