My niche

My blog does not have any niche besides being my personal blog.  I have thought of converting it to many different types of niche blogs that would go along with my various interests.  I've thought turning into a craft blog, an organization blog (yes, I enjoy organizing things!), a TV blog, a cooking blog (recipes I've tried and love), or even a blog of just lists! Recently, in my role as Social Media Consultant for several small businesses, I've been reading up a lot on SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Simply put, it is using keywords to get the highest possible rank in a search engine (or at least that's my understanding of it - I'm no expert).  I read an article that gave this useful tip:

Here’s a quick way to get started with smart SEO copywriting without having to know a lot about search engine optimization. Let’s start simple. Drop your website’s URL into the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see a list of what Google thinks your website is about. (Don’t worry with what this tool is supposed to be used for. That’s for another blog post.) What you’ll see is a listing of keywords, grouped by major subject, that Google thinks represents the content on your website....

Now, make a list of the major groups which accurately represent the content on your website or the products or services you sell. Go through the keywords Google suggested under those topics and pick out 5-10 keywords or keyword phrases from each grouping. Put those keywords in a spreadsheet or list under the appropriate heading. (See my sample one on the right hand side of the page.) Print that out and keep it handy when you’re writing. Refer to this keyword glossary to remind yourself of the keywords you wish to win and that you need to incorporate them into your content.

He says himself that it's a simplistic approach to writing for SEO, but I really liked the idea (especially for someone like myself that doesn't know much about it to begin with).  So I went ahead and dropped in a few of the blogs I write, including this one.  Well, should I have been surprised when these were the keywords for this one?

  • dark chocolate
  • chocolate gifts
  • gourmet chocolate
  • chocolate
  • chocolates
  • blog

So I guess I have a niche after all!  A blog about chocolate!  Who would have thought? But that's not what this blog is about at all.  It's just about me.  A girl who really likes chocolate.