Hot Blog Posts of 2009!

Usually at the end of the year, I write a post listing five to six of my favorite posts that I've written over the past year.  This year, however, has been such a full and exciting year for me, I have to list more!  So take some time to re-read some of these, or read them for the first time.  They are really quite entertaining.

  1. Movie Review: Star Trek - A movie I didn't think I'd enjoy, but really did!
  2. Happy Birthday to Me! - A letter that my grandfather wrote me on the day I was born.
  3. Culture Shock, episode 3 - This still makes me laugh.
  4. Book Review: The Wind in the Willows - A book I thought I'd enjoy, but didn't.
  5. Charminar - A post full of videos to give you a taste of one of the biggest tourist attractions in Hyderabad.
  6. Conversation at Charminar - This just strokes my ego.
  7. Feel Free to Stare - Another that just makes me laugh.
  8. Happy Birthday, America! - Things I don't want to take for granted again!
  9. Culture Shock, final episode? - More things to get used to in India.
  10. My Dent - Scary experience, but funny story!
  11. it's getting longer... - Continuation of my short story.