TV Shows I'm Watching

At the risk of getting the judgmental eye-roll from my father, I would like to share what TV shows that I'm currently watching.  I am really only doing this because I feel the need to post on my blog, but also because I have 82 Google docs and have found that they make excellent blog fodder.  Here are some examples if you don't believe me: my journal from India, books I've read, and my essay on To Kill a Mockingbird.  And that's just to name a few!  So here's my list of TV shows I'm currently watching, taken straight out of my Google doc of the same name (and please don't ask why I keep a doc of them).

Monday: How I Met Your Mother (lost some of its fun, IMO) Dancing with the Stars (believe it or not, my grandmother got me hooked this season!)
Tuesday: NCIS (highest rated show on TV and sooo good!) NCIS: Los Angeles (highest rated new show on TV, and it's pretty good!)
Lost (finally caught up!) more Dancing with the Stars (I fast-forward through most of it, just to see the results)
Wednesday: The New Adventures of Old Christine (gotten pretty stupid, might quit watching) Hank (if you read my Twitter, you know where I stand with this) Cougar Town (not nearly as funny as it claims to be) The Middle (very funny, especially for a new show) Modern Family (funniest new show, Ryan even watches it with me)
Thursday: The Office (still got it) 30 Rock (same) Community (very funny new show, yay, Joel McHale!) Parks and Recreation (I still find it funny, but it's Ryan's least favorite on Thursdays) Survivor (always takes some time to get into it, but always ends up being enjoyable) The Mentalist (one I watch with my parents, good crime/drama show!)
Monk (last season! looking forward to solving Trudy's murder) Ugly Betty (just started and still seems good) Numb3rs (another I watch with my parents, interesting but not my favorite crime/drama)
Saturday Night Live (eh)
Sunday: Desperate Housewives (it's actually a very funny show)