If I were on Twitter...

This is what the past couple days' twitterings would be:

  • 11am Monday:  Just got The Sims 3!  I think I'll play for a couple minutes just to see what it's like!
  • 12pm Monday: Still playing The Sims 3.  It's fun!
  • 3 pm Monday: Still playing.
  • 11pm Monday: Still playing.  Must get some sleep.
  • 11am Tuesday: Good morning!  I think I'm going to get some work done today!  I played too much Sims 3 yesterday, so today will be a productive day.
  • 11:05am Tuesday: Decided it couldn't hurt to play for an hour or two.
  • 11pm Tuesday: WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?
  • 11am Wednesday:  Will definitely get work done today.
  • 12pm Wednesday:  Just did some dishes, now I can reward myself...
  • 3pm Wednesday: Must. stop. playing.  Will go do chores.
  • 3:30pm Wednesday: Laundry in machine!  Now I can say I was productive today!  Off to play some Sims!
  • 1am Thursday:  Ryan is telling me to stop playing Sims and go to bed.  But since when do I obey him?

Well, I think you get the picture, so I won't continue.  It's really just more of the same.  But today is a new day!  Admittedly, it's already 4pm and I've been playing the Sims for the past 3 hours, but no more!  Today I will make up for a wasted week!

  • 7pm Friday: I guess I should go "make up for a wasted week" now...