The Bathroom Discovery

Ryan and I have rented a beautiful apartment in Banjara Hills, which is a very nice part of Hyderabad. Once we saw this place, nothing else would do (as you will remember from The Sum of All Impressions). I love it because it's bright and cheery during the day, and cozy at night. The place is probably a too much room for us, and currently we are just living in the main room (living room/dining room) and the master bedroom. Even that space is more than we are used to! All in all, there are three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, a kitchen, two balconies, one large main room (as previously mentioned) and a den. There is also a small room off the kitchen. It's a utility room and that's where we put our washer/dryer. One day, Ryan and I were exploring our apartment (that's right, exploring it!) and we got to the utility room. It's like a balcony because it's technically outside, but it's mostly walled in so you don't really feel outside. Then, for the first time we noticed yet another door off the utility room. Curious, we thought we should check it out, however, opening doors that lead to dark rooms is not something I am usually prone to do! So Ryan slowly turned the lever and pushed open the door. And this is what we found:



It's our servant's bathroom!  We had no idea we even had one, but there it was!  Don't worry though.  I know I told any visitors that they could stay in our servants' quarters, but we won't make you use it (unless you want to...)!