Celebrity Before & After

Ryan and I have started a new (and perhaps nerdy) tradition of playing a couple rounds of Jeopardy together before we fall asleep at night.  However, last night, our internet was down, so we were left with the options to 1) just talk, or 2) come up with our own Jeopardy questions and ask them to each other.  We chose the latter.  At first, we started with some inane categories, but soon it morphed into "Celebrity Before & After".  This, if I do say so myself, led to some very clever answers!  Yes, as the night wore on, they lost a bit of their cleverness, as you will see.  So now feel free to play along with the Jeopardy answers to our own Celebrity Before & After (answers in the comments--if you need them!). 1. This overweight comedian signed the Constitution.

2. Cruel Intentions abound when guest-starring on The New Adventures of Old Christine.

3. This true-life princess doesn't want to go on 50 First Dates!

4. This singer of Candle in the Wind wants us to Imagine.

5. This funny face went on to star in Ocean's Eleven.

6. Even pretty women can't escape a sting!

7. Will's companion can be seen on tour with Keith Richards.

8. This wise guy watched as Rome burned to the ground.

9. This star of Adaptation later produced this set of self-help videos from prison.

10. Allegedly involved in the murder of his wife, he is now quite the gossip.

11. This Memento star sang badly in Mamma Mia!

and finally...

12. This human excrement indecently exposed himself to children.