Movie Review: Sex and The City

I am almost a little embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed this movie.  Honestly, its massive promotion had made me sick of it before even having seen it!  And the internet rumors had me convinced I would not like the plot or the ending at all! Yes, it had a lot of sex scenes and language.  Yes, it was much too long.  But it actually had a sweet story, and I will admit to loving the fashion!  I came out of it wanting to dress up and put on high heels and do my hair all pretty.  (Fortunately, that soon wore off and I found myself in my sweats, hair tied up in a messy bun, sitting barefoot on my couch.)

I would not recommend this movie for most of the people in my circles, and normally I would not have even recommended it for me.  But once again it shows that I cannot simply go by what critics have to say and to never put any stock in those internet rumors.