Happy Father's Day... a bit early

This is a highly personal blog post, but it's just been that kind of week for me.  I wasn't even sure if I was going to post it, but as I've said before, when I write, it opens me up to vulnerability and there shouldn't be anything wrong with that.   

Dear Daddy,

As Father's Day approaches, I find myself wondering what I could get for you that you would enjoy, but would also convey how much I love you.  I thought about getting you a card and writing some sentimental tidbits, all of which would be from my heart, but I feel like I do that every year.  I want you to really know what a precious father you have been to me, what an amazing example, and how, even though I'm all grown-up, I still desire your approval, because it means the world to me.  That said, even though sometimes I feel left out of your conversations with Ryan, or I start complaining about the rudeness of iPhones at the dinner table, the fact that you love the man I married so much really does make me so happy.  Not just because you approve of him, but because of how happy you are to have another man around, who shares many of your interests, and who you love to spend time with.  I am so glad that I could give that to you, even if it means endless computer conversations and iPhones at the dinnertable, because I just love you that much.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean no card and gift.  But I'm sure you weren't worried.  These are just some thoughts that I never wanted to regret not saying.


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