Update on ME!

Hello old friend! I have actually really missed writing on here, but know the reason I haven't is because things are still so up in the air in my life!  Ryan and I are waiting to hear about the job in India, and in the meantime, we've put our househunt on hold.  So we are in limbo, which is not a nice place to write from.  However, I realized that if my life is ever going to be in book-form (and who wouldn't want to read that book!?), I had better plug on through with my writing, even in the limbo periods.  So here I am.

My resolutions are going so/so, which I guess it to be expected with resolutions!  Tell me, are other people even thinking about resolutions at this point?  I think I should get points for even remembering them.

I am, however, happy to relate that I have brought my quilt back out.  This is one project that I must finish!  Mostly because I know how pretty it will look on my bed!

I have actually been reading more, and even have a half-written book review waiting to be finished and then published for you all to see.  I'm sure you are waiting with bated breath.  That's good, you should be, it's going to be fabulous.

Sadly, I have nothing further to update you on.  Wow, my book is going to be boring...