Chocolate Categories

In case some of you feel that my categories are useless, this post is to prove you wrong!  I don't arbitrarily choose "milk" over "M&Ms".  They each have their own unique purpose.  So here is the list: bitter - I'm writing about something I do not like or am upset about

dark - This is something that is good for me, but I might be upset about it too

hot chocolate - It's just something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over

M&Ms - OK, I really don't know what this one means.  The idea was to add it for color.. (get it? man, I'm hysterical)

milk - Just everyday stuff

semi-sweet - My official definition originally was "un-fun stuff, but it has to be done".  Whatever the heck that means...  Hey, maybe I'll put this post under that category!  From now on, semi-sweet is "blog business".

truffles - These posts contain pictures.

unsweetened - Any posts that relate to projects that I'm working on (and we all know there are many...)

Great Chocolate - Any posts that are part of a series, including my "What Makes a Great.." series, and any book reivews.

Chocoholic - Addiction!  Must keep coming back for more!  And that is why this category will bring you to all the posts in the serialized story so far. 

And that's that!  See?  I am the epitome and embodiment of organization!  My organizational skills, they just abound!