Squeaking, squealing, yelling

"Ryan, did you hear that?  Wake up!  I think there's a mouse in here!" "There's no mouse, go back to sleep."

"No, I hear squeaking."

"It's just the wind. Go to sleep."

A couple minutes later.  "There it was again!  Did you hear it, Ryan?  There's definitely something squeaking in here!"

"It's probably just the heater! Go to sleep!"

An hour or so later.  "Ryan, there's a mouse in here!  I can hear it squeaking right behind me."

"Amy, there is NO MOUSE!  They don't have mice here!"

Another hour, more squeaking.  I am curled in a little ball under the covers of the guest room bed.  I swear, if a mouse crawls into this bed with me, I will have a heart attack.

"OK, that was definitely a mouse!" I turned on the light.

"What are you doing??  Turn off the light!!  They do not have mice here!  It's a new house and they've never seen a mouse!  Go to sleep.  I promise, there is no mouse."

It was a long night - squeaking, me waking up Ryan, him assuring me there was no mouse, more squeaking...

But it was soon forgotten.... until a call from the owner of the house.  "Yeah, we finally got rid of the mouse problem we were having.  We had heard the squeaking in the basement, but eventually we found it in the guest room."