Wish List!

August is upon us!  A new month brings a new allotment of spending money.  Granted, this is a very small amount so I have to make it last.  But just for fun, here is a list of things I am saving up for. 1. a wireless Mighty Mouse!  (http://www.apple.com/mightymouse/)

2. Frasier Season 8

3. a shade for our kitchen window*

4. a couple nice skirts for work*

5. a sewing machine

6. The Return of the King on audio CD

7. An assortment of books, CDs, and movies (Amazon Wishlist)

8. a haircut*

9. WoW Expansion Pack (not out yet) - if you don't know what this is, don't ask.

10. a Mac laptop

11. a tiny cell-phone

12. a tiny PDA

OK, that was fun.  Those with * beside them are probably ones I will get this month.  The rest will have to wait for later months.  And numbers 10-12 are just distant dreams. 

Disclaimer:  This post is in no way a hint to any readers.  It is simply me wanting to take my mind off the events of the day.