Project Update

As promised, I am letting my faithful readers (all two of you) know the progress of my self-imposed goals. 1.  I have not worked on my quilt at all.

2. I have not worked on my story or its illustrations at all.

3. I have not worked on Mimi's stories at all, or looked for the tape.

4. I have not worked on my novel at all.

5. I have not run at all.  But today is the first day of it!  Ryan and I are going after work.  Hmmm...  maybe I should have written this post after we ran - it would have looked like I'd already accomplished something.

6. I forgot to post on Venustas this weekend.  I did, however, post last night.

7. I have looked into reunion details and done some brainstorming.  I have a few ideas that might work and make it a fun event.  I still have to pick a place, time & date though. 

OK, so there are the bitter details.  I have not done much with my time, but I haven't been bored!  What have I been up to, you might be asking?  That's for another time and another post.