It's Raining, It's Pouring

I used to be terrified of thunderstorms. I used to lay in my room just knowing that lightning was about to strike the huge old Oaks just beyond my bedroom window. It would fall right across the bed, in flames. I would have to scramble to find the extremely heavy metal fold-up ladder, fling it out my window, throw myself onto it, while holding my puppies - Hugs and Kises. I would surely die.

Within the last few minutes, I have realized I'm not that scared anymore. In fact, thunderstorms are romantic and like a mini-adventure! Here I am at work, listening to the growls of the thunder and wishing against wish that the power would go out! We'd have to reach under our desks for the emergency red backpack, and maybe, if we were lucky, they'd close the office and we could go home. Once home - if I made it! - I could curl up in a blanket, turn on a good movie, because of course, it's dark enough to watch one now, and feel like I'd just finished my own adventure.