A Bit of Cheating

I am usually very proud of the fact that I have been able to maintain this blog for over three years, never going an entire month without posting.  But faithful readers will have probably realized that I completely missed July this year!  Well, that is unacceptable to me, so I am going to do a bit of cheating.  But it's not really cheating.  I actually did write some posts in July, I just wasn't ready to publish them yet.  So I will be publishing over the next couple days and pre-dating them for when they were actually written (mostly in July).  I hope you will agree with me that this isn't actually cheating. If you are not yet convinced, here is another reason.  I had extenuating circumstances because... we are having a baby!  And I just wasn't ready to share that with the general public until now, but my thoughts (and my posts) have been on that general subject.  So, without further ado, I will go ahead and publish my July posts.  And if you're not interested in baby stuff or the (possibly ridiculous) wonderings of an expectant mother, I would advise you to just "Mark as Read" and move on.

Happy Anniversary to me...

...and my blog! July marks my three-year anniversary with my blog.  This is quite an accomplishment for me. I start a lot of projects.  Some of them I don't finish. OK, most of them I don't finish. But I've managed to keep this blog going for three years now, and to top it off, I have consistently posted at least once a month for nearly two years now.  So I thought all this deserved a celebratory post.  And here it is.

Yay me!

Google Reader is so unforgiving.

Every time I write a blog post, I reread it several times (and often make changes) before publishing it.  But it never fails that when I read it in my Reader (yes, I subscribe to my own blog), I find more things that I should have changed!  So I make the changes to the post in the hopes that no one will see my error.  But my hopes are not well-founded because I know that those of you who read this blog regularly, read it in your Reader.  So if you ever see something that's incorrect or improper, perhaps you should check the post on the actual blog site just in case I noticed it too and made the change.  And if I didn't, well, you can just leave it at that.

New Category

For those of you interested in only reading about my time in India, or about my other travels, please note the new category that I have added for those posts only: Imported Chocolate.  I thought about just calling it "India" but figured that would not encompass any traveling to other countries that we do and does not fit in with my chocolate theme.  I thought about "foreign", to refer to chocolate from other countries, and that led me to "imported". Look for new posts under that tag in the next couple weeks.  Unfortunately, our internet is quite spotty right now, but I am keeping track of everything for posting at a later date.


So I was just reading through my other blog and realized how much I enjoy everything that is posted on there, so go check it out if you have time! I am also going to make more of an effort posting on it.  Think this is just yet another empty promise?  I guess time will tell!

Feeling the Pressure

I have been feeling like it's time for another blog post since it feels like forever since I've written.  But upon visiting my own site, it's only been a couple weeks!  I figure I can wait until February to post again (not counting this one).  So check back then!  Believe me, I've got some good ideas up my sleeves... I will be continuing my "What makes a good..." series.

I will be starting a new book review series, whenever I finish a book (now I've just got to finish a book...). 

I will be evaluating my resolution progress.

Not to mention posting some good new (and old) poetry.

And as always, the humorous stories from my day to day (boring) life.

Stay tuned!

Chocolate Categories

In case some of you feel that my categories are useless, this post is to prove you wrong!  I don't arbitrarily choose "milk" over "M&Ms".  They each have their own unique purpose.  So here is the list: bitter - I'm writing about something I do not like or am upset about

dark - This is something that is good for me, but I might be upset about it too

hot chocolate - It's just something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over

M&Ms - OK, I really don't know what this one means.  The idea was to add it for color.. (get it? man, I'm hysterical)

milk - Just everyday stuff

semi-sweet - My official definition originally was "un-fun stuff, but it has to be done".  Whatever the heck that means...  Hey, maybe I'll put this post under that category!  From now on, semi-sweet is "blog business".

truffles - These posts contain pictures.

unsweetened - Any posts that relate to projects that I'm working on (and we all know there are many...)

Great Chocolate - Any posts that are part of a series, including my "What Makes a Great.." series, and any book reivews.

Chocoholic - Addiction!  Must keep coming back for more!  And that is why this category will bring you to all the posts in the serialized story so far. 

And that's that!  See?  I am the epitome and embodiment of organization!  My organizational skills, they just abound! 

I need chocolate.

This is a phrase I often use, whether happy or sad, mad, annoyed, frightened… (you get the picture) Chocolate is always there to help.  So I am hoping that this blog can be a new substitute for my chocolate.  Word Chocolate, if you will.  Just my rants and raves, in the hopes that I can get over my need for my favorite sweet.